THANH VI receives very favorable reviews over the years.

We’ve had many positive reviews over the years from,,, and many more…  Here is a recent sampling of what people say about us:

Andy N….   “Wow, the food is always terrific.  The place is a little small so I had to wait.  But the wait is worth it.
They have the best Vietnamese sandwiches and spring rolls that I’ve had.  Plus the service was incredible.  I’m glad that I’ve found this place. I’ve been here many times and will continue to come here weekly.”

Inna B….    “Came back again and the service is STILL the best out of all the U-District Pho/Vietnamese joints we’ve been to (which is all or most of them). The weather is hot and we walked there from home (took almost an hour), so I was very thankful for all those water refills.

Rob W…  “I have lived in the U-District for a year and a half and I didn’t know this place existed, and it’s one of my new favorites on the ave.  I don’t know what it’s called exactly, but there is a section of the menu where you construct your own spring roll, you just choose the meat.  You’re presented with a glorious platter of fresh ingredients to put in your spring roll and a stack of 4 or 5 transparent spring roll shells.  For an idea of the ingredients check out the photos I’m about to upload.

Than Vi gets 5 stars for that dish alone, I cant wait to try out the rest of their menu.  The staff is also extremely friendly and welcoming, I had a nice chat while I waited for my food.  Must-try for the Ave.”

Jennifer L… “Best “banh mi” (Vietnamese sandwiches) on the AVE. My favorite is the beef, but chicken comes in a close second. The meat is lean and tender, and has the perfect amount of BBQ flavor. MmmMM! The vegetables are fresh and crisp. And the dressing/sauce is killer. Perfect bread to content ratio.

For $2.50, you can’t beat that!”

Alex Z…    “I love this place!  Started going here maybe 4 or 5 years ago, when the windows were still covered with posters.  Now its been renovated over twice, with some bright new faces and menu items.  Very friendly workers make it worth going to everytime.”

Kyu H…   “I used to eat here at least once a week in college…  I fuckin miss this place… especially their viet sandwiches and pho”

Littlewing86…    “Though it doesn’t look like much from the outside, Thanh Vi is possibly the best Vietnamese restaurant on the Ave (and I’ve eaten at them all), particularly because they offer much more than just Pho. This place is a must-try for those who have never had a taste of Vietnamese cuisine aside from Pho. I’d suggest going family style and sharing dishes such as grilled pork or beef spring rolls, Vietnamese hot and sour soup, and the mango and shrimp salad.”

Akotisna…  “The restaurant serves excellent food at more than reasonable prices. Pho is excellent, but try the hot and sour seafood soup if you are looking for variety. Staff is very friendly and obviously take pride in their venture. The place is clean and the service is fast. Great place for health-conscious students on the budget”

Wanderingwino…   “I was happy to find this cozy place on the Ave. You may have to wait for a table during lunch when the students are in town, but it’s worth the wait. Large parties may have to wait longer for a table and for orders to come out….”

MichelleT1974…  “Fresh and quality food–healthy too”

CreighttonDon…   “The best Vietnamese sandwiches. Try the BBQ pork or chicken.”

MacFarlanes…    “My favorite Pho. The best customer service and friendliest staff of any restuarant in all of Seattle.”