Thanh Vi Welcomes You

Thanh Vi Restaurant welcomes you to a taste of Seattle’s Vietnamese food in the University District next to the University of Washington.

Loyal to the UW community for many years, many have come to not only enjoy but embrace our deliciously prepared dishes. Whether you’re just stopping by for a snack or to have a Vietnamese meal, Thanh Vi’s good service reputation will make you feel at home

Our establishment is family owned. If you’ve supported us, we thank you and we wish for you to continue your patronage. If you’re new in the University District or have yet to have a try, we invite you to join us in finding your taste buds’ delight.

pho thanh vi

From Humble Beginings

The food derived from the markets of Vietnam, have not only earned their respect in the culinary world, but transcends all social barriers by bringing cultures together from all over the world.

Thanh Vi bridges the gap between the markets of Vietnam and the streets of Seattle; we bring Vietnamese food, Seattle style with a twist. Thanh Vi takes traditional dishes like Phở, Bún (noodles), and Cơm (rice) and add a touch of homemade without ever compromising authenticity.

At Thanh Vi, you will taste the highest quality of ingredients while experiencing comfort through foods you never thought was possible.